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ICT Trends Contents

Fundamentals of Computer

History, Generation, Classification of Computer, Computer System, Hardware Concept, Software Concept, Computer Media, System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Computer Communication and Networking, Computer Applications, Safety measures and Computer Security Issues.

Topics in Fundamentals of Computers

Operating Systems (DOS & Windows)

Introduction to Operating System, Types, Functions of Operating System, Command Line Operations, Introduction to GUI, Windows Operating System, Basic Windows Elements, File management and Windows Explorer, Windows Applications, Finding Files and Folders, Starting a program by command line operation, Changing Windows Setting, Creating Shortcut, System Tools and so on.

Operating Systems Topics in ICT Trends

Word Processing (MS Word)

Concept of Word Processing, Types, Introduction to Word Processor, Creating Saving and Opening Documents, Elements of Word Processing Environment, Copying, Moving, Deleting and Formatting Text (font, size, color, alignment, line & paragraph spacing), Finding and Replacing Text, Bullets and Numbering, Creating and Manipulating Tables, Borders and Shading, Indentation and Tab Setting, Creating Newspaper Style Documents, Inserting Header, Footer, Footnotes, Endnotes, Page Numbers, File, Page Break, Section Break, Graphics, Pictures, Charts, Word Art, Symbols & Organization Chart, Changing Default Settings, Mail Merge, AutoCorrect, Spelling and Grammar Checking, Thesaurus, Customizing menu & toolbar, Security Technique of Documents, Master Document, Cross reference, Index, Table of Content, Setting Page Layout, Previewing and Printing Documents and so on.

Word Processing MS Word Topics

Spreadsheet Calculation (MS Excel)

Concept of electronic spreadsheet, Types of electronic spreadsheet, Organization of electronic spreadsheet application, Creating, opening and saving Work Book, Editing, copying, moving and deleting cell contents, Formatting cells, Rows, Column and Sheet formatting, Cell References and Entering Formula, Using basic functions, Generating series, Changing default options, sorting, filtering, summarizing, sub totals, Creating Chart, Headers & Footers, Importing and Exporting data, Pivot Table, Goal Seek, Scenario & Audits, Page Setting, Previewing and Printing.

Spreadsheet Calculation MS-Excel Topics

Presentation Systems (MS PowerPoint)

Introduction to presentation application, creating, opening & saving slides, formatting slides, slide show, animation, inserting built-in picutres, picture, table, chart, graphs, organization chart etc.

Presentation Systems MS-PowerPoint Topics

Database Management System (MS Access)

Introduction to Data, Database & RDBMS, Concept of tables, fields, records, relationship and indexing, Data types, Creating modifying and deleting tables and formatting & validating field data, creating, modifying deleting and using simple queries, creating modifying and deleting forms, reports and macros

Database Management Systems MS Access Topics

Webpage Designing (HTML)

Introduction to Web Page and Content Management System, HTML document, tags, skeleton and flesh (text, hyperlinks, images, lists & forms, tables, frames)

Webpage Designing HTML Topics

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