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Mouse Computer Hardware

A mouse is a device that controls the movement of the cursor or pointer on a display screen. A mouse is a small object you can roll along a hard on flat surface. Its name is derived from its shape, which looks like a mouse, its connecting wire that one can imagine to be the mouse tail; and the fact that one must make it scurry along a surface. As you move the mouse, the pointer on the display screen moves in the same direction. Mice contain at least one button and sometimes as many as three, which have different functions depending on what program is running. Some newer mice also include a scroll wheel for scrolling through long documents.


Mouse was first invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1963.

There are three types of mouse: Mechanical, Opto-Mechanical and Optical.

Mechanical mouse has a ball on its underside and sensors detect the direction of ball movement to move the cursor on the screen. Optomechanical mouse are similar to mechanical mouse but they have optical sensors instead of balls in it. Optical mouse uses laser to detect the mouse movement.

Mechanical Mouse Diagram

Mechanical Mouse

Opto Mechanical Mouse

Opto-Mechanical Mouse

Optical Mouse Bottom Face

Optical Mouse

If we look at how a mouse is connected to computer, we can find three types of mouse: Serial Mouse, PS/2 Mouse, USB Mouse. Serial mouse connect through RS-232C serial port and it is the simplest of connection. PS/2 mouse connect through PS/2 port and USB Mouse connect through USB port.

Serial Mouse

Serial Mouse

PS-2 Mouse

PS-2 Mouse

USB Mouse

USB Mouse

There are some wireless mice in use these days. Cordless mouse (wireless mouse) connects to the computer through infrared or radio wave to communicate with computer. Though cordless mouse are more expensive, they can be greatly useful in some situations.


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