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Learn and practice based on prescribed PSC Syllabus - Computer Fundamentals, Operating Systems (DOS & Windows), MS Office Packages (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) and Webpage Designing (HTML).

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Suresh Khanal in ICT Trends

Suresh Khanal
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About the Author

For more than a decade, I'm with candidates of Computer Jobs Exams actively helping them to prepare their exams better.

This website is developed so as to present preparation materials in a way more organized and useful. The contents presented here are suitable for government jobs exams (PSC) and other organizations such as NEA, NOA, Civil Aviation, Timber Corporation, National and commercial banks and so on.

“I couldn’t have got this success this easily without the support of Suresh Khanal Sir (i.e. MCQ Sets and ICT Trends). Providing a free platform for discussing and learning new things, he has shown me a way to success. Thank you for your motto: “I wish I could help everybody, but scared, what God would do then?”

Bijay Khadka, Kathmandu


“I got success because of & Thanks to all discussion groups of MCQ Sets and ICT Trends & special thanks to Suresh sir for providing such an amazing platform!”

Suman Rai, Solukhumbu


“Lots of Thanks to all team of MCQ Sets, ICTTrends, and special thanks to Guru Suresh Khanal sir for providing such an E-learning platform for preparation Computer Operator, Assistant Computer Operator candidates, especially for Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Aayog). Suresh Khanal’s continuous support made me land this day.”

Prem Prakash Oli, Rolpa

Prem Prakash Oli

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