Result of Computer Operator Exam Conducted by Public Service Commission, Pokhara

Public Service Commission has published the result of Computer Operator Post conducted on Baishakh 11, 2067. The selected candidates are called for Interview and and Practical exam on 14-18 of Kartik 2067.

There are eleven candidates selected for 4 woman’s reserve sets, nine for two Aadibasi/Janajati seats, eight for three Madhise seats, four for one disable’s seat and 37 candidates for 13 open competition seats.

Download the Result of Computer Operator Examination conducted by Public Service Commission, Pokhara

by Suresh Khanal

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  1. Jim Hub

    I am glad that they are undergoing such rigorous examinations. These posts must be well maintained and applicants must be placed under strict regulations. If they pass then at least the people can be assured of their competence.

  2. Joe

    I agree with Jim. Only by rigorous examinations can we be assured of competence.

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  4. lajme shqip

    I agree with Jim too.

  5. fotka

    Four for one, pretty difficult to pass this.

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