Operator Guru – The New Edition Is in Market

First off, thanks to Er. Chhatra Bhattarai and his lovely gift of complementary copy of Operator Guru new edition. I’ve not seen any other instructor as dedicated and devoted to the success of his students. Hats off to his diligence!

Dear Suresh Sir, With my best compliment to you

The books looks lovely with new cover page design and feeling of Windows XP logo. Its a thick book containing almost every information a Computer Operator candidate needs. The cover page highlights “10 years exam sets, 25 pre-exam sets, technically powered toppers’ choice”!

Operator Guru Front Cover Page

The book contains some important text to read at the beginning of every chapter followed by possible multiple choice questions collection. There are 945 MCQs from Fundamentals of Computers, 289 questions from Operating Systems, 235 from MS Word, 187 from MS Excel, 85 questions from PowerPoint, 112 from MS Access, a separate chapter Networking with 125 MCQs, 30 MCQs from HTML.

After I list all the chapters and number of questions in each chapter in book as above, it appears the whole book is covered, but surprisingly, I talked only about  394 pages out of 824. Then what’s there on those remaining pages? Find out buying the book.

back cover page of computer guru

The book is priced at Rs 550.

The contact address given is as below:

Publisher: Ratna Sagar Prakashan, phone: 01 4438530

Chhatra Sir:  9841 802010

That’s all about the info on second edition of Computer Guru. I’d love to read your feedback on the book. Don’t forget to comment below.

by Suresh Khanal

I wish I could help everyone but I wonder what God would do then? Anyway, I try to help as much as I can and this site is an attempt in that direction. You can help me to make this site more useful by sending the materials you can prepare or MCQs you've collected. Please mail me to contact@icttrends.com.

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  1. prakashakela2003

    I have seen his first edition. It was very very helpful to me. Now i want second edition but it is difficult to get it because I live in Jhapa Dhulabari, n we cannot get this here.

  2. Prakash

    is it possible to get this book in Jhapa. If so How ? I m looking for this …………..

    1. shkhanal

      It should be. Check in your local market.