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‘Computer Networking Short Questions & Answers’ is probably the most popular of the eBooks I created. The eBook is composed in the ‘short questions and answers’ format so that it will be useful for preparing interview.

I decided to present this eBook right at this time because this topic is mostly asked in interview. Apart from general introduction and side talks, candidates are asked more about Computer Hardware, Troubleshooting Problems, General knowledge about Computers, Internet, Online Services, Networking and its types. So, I believe going through this eBook before you appear in interview will certainly be beneficial.

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This eBook is loaded with the brief but concise information about Transmission Media, Computer Network, Types of Computer Network, Protocols, Topologies, Network Standards, Architecture, Model, Common and Important Words about Network and Internet, IP Addresses, Browsers, Search Engines, Meta Search Engines, Email Clients and so on.

The PDF file has 81 pages but the text size and images are optimized for comfortable reading.

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Following is the copy of the listing of the Table of Contents of this eBook:

Table of Contents

Transmission Media 1
What is transmission media? 1
What are the types of transmission media? 1
Describe bound transmission media. 1
Describe unbound transmission media. 1
Bound Transmission Media 1
Explain twisted pair cable. 1
Explain Co-axial cable. 4
Explain Fiber-Optics cable. 5
Match the following types of connectors with the cables to which they are used. 7
Compare BNC with UTP Cables 8
Unbound Transmission Media 9
Explain Radio Wave. 9
What is Microwave? 10
List the Advantages of microwaves. 11
What are the Disadvantages of Microwaves? 11
Describe Infra Red. 11
Computer Network 12
What is a computer network? 12
What are the advantages of Networking? 12
Explain Network Services 13
What are the five major network services? 13
What is Network Server? 13
What is a client? 13
What is a dedicated server? 14
What is workstation? 14
What are dumb terminals? 14
Types of Computer Network 15
What is a LAN? 15
What is MAN? 16
What is WAN? 16
Clarify Enterprise WANs. 16
Clarify Global WANs. 17
What are the two types of LAN? 17
Protocols 18
What is a protocol? 18
What are the three major network protocols? 18
Match the following protocols and their functions 19
LAN Topologies 20
What are the two network connection types? 20
Explain Point-to-Point connection type. 20
Explain multipoint connection. 21
What are the basic LAN topologies? 21
Explain Bus Topology. 21
What are the advantages of bus topology? 23
What are the disadvantages of bus topology? 24
What is Ring Topology? 24
Point out the major advantages of Ring Topology. 25
Point out the disadvantages of Ring Topology. 25
Explain Star Topology. 25
What are the benefits of Star Topology? 26
What are the disadvantages of Star Topology? 26
What are the popular topologies other than basic Topologies? 27
Network Standards 27
What is a Networking Standard? 27
What are the four major industry standards? 27
What is an Ethernet? 28
How an Ethernet Worked? 28
What is Medium Access Control of Ethernet? 29
Explain Ethernet Frame. 29
List some advantages of Ethernet. 30
What are the disadvantages of Ethernet Cabling? 30
What is ARCNet? 31
List the advantages of ARCNet. 32
What are the disadvantages of ARCNet? 32
How does a Token-Passing Protocol works? 32
Explain Logical Ring Physical Star topology for Token-Passing Standard. 32
List some most useful advantages of Token Ring. 33
Point out the disadvantages of Token Ring. 34
What do you mean by Beaconing and Auto-Reconfiguration? 34
Network Architecture 34
What is Network Architecture? 34
What are the popular Network Architectures? 35
Explain ISO’s OSI Architecture 35
Explain IBM’s SNA Architecture 36
Networking Model 37
Explain Peer-to-Peer Networking Model. 37
Explain Client/Server Networking Model. 37
Network and Internet Terminologies 38
NICs 38
Hubs/Repeaters 39
Bridges 39
Router 40
Switches 41
Transceivers 42
Gateway 42
Proxy Serer 43
Firewall 43
Node 43
Wireless Network 43
Internet 45
WWW 45
IRC 46
CU-SeeMe 47
Telnet 48
Gopher 49
Browsers 50
Dialup Connection 53
IP Address 53
Domain Name 54
URL 54
Web Browsing or Surfing 54
Search Engine 55
Meta Search Engine 57
Internet Access 57
Extranet 58
Intranet 58
Web Index 58
Hypertext 59
Email 59
Email address 59
Inbox 60
Outbox 60
Trash 61
CC 61
BCC 62
Reply 62
Forward 62
Attachments 62
Bounced 62
Netiquette 62
Emoticons 62


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