Online Test on Computer Operator Question Paper 2059 with Correct Answers

Here we present the question paper of Computer Operator Exam conducted by PSC – Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Ayog) in 2059 B.S. I hope the old questions are pretty useful for practice and drilling. Take a test on those question below and download all these 50 multiple choice questions as PDF file for your future reference.

Online Computer Operator Exam Dummy Test

Number of qestions : 50

Marks for each question: 1 mark

Time : 45 minutes

Syllabus: Fundamentals of computer (History, Generation, Classification, Software/Hardware, Programming lnguge and language processor, computer networking, computer viruses and security, operating system (MS DOS, Windows), Word Processing (MS Word), Spreadsheet Calculation (MS Excel), Presentation System (MS PowerPoint), Database Management System (MS Access), Webpage Designing (HTML)

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Question Paper


Public Service Commission

Computer Operator Exam

2059 B.S.

Attempt all of the following questions. Each question provides four options and there is one and only one correct answer.

1. Which is a spreadsheet package?

a) Lotus

b) Excel

c) Quattro Pro

d) All of above


2. What is the short-cut key to hide row in Excel?

a) Ctrl+9

b) Ctrl+F9

c) Shift+F9

d) Ctrl+Shift+9


3. What is the function of network neighborhood?

a) Navigate shared computers and folder in network

b) Identify who is living near to you

c) Send message to neighboring computers

d) None of above


4. What is the function of Recycle Bin?

a) Store deleted file

b) Store temporary file

c) Store corrupted file

d) Store Document file


5. What is the shortcut key for superscript?

a) Ctrl+=

b) Ctrl++

c) Ctrl+shift+=

d) Ctrl+shift++


6. How many sheets are there in excel workbook by default?

a) 3

b) Many

c) 2

d) 1


7. What is the function of a folder?

a) Store files

b) Delete files

c) Move files

d) All of above


8. Which command is not an internal command of DOS?

a) DIR


c) CD

d) CLS


9. Which will be the title in Word to save summary status?

a) Summary Info

b) Summary Information

c) Summary

d) Sum Information


10. Which of the following control is known as drop down list?

a) List

b) Combo list

c) Text box

d) None


11. In which O/S can you give smallest file name?

a) PS/2

b) DOS

c) Windows

d) Windows NT


12. Which is the latest version of MS Word?

a) Word XP

b) Windows XP

c) Word 2007

d) Word 2010


13. What is the function of Radio buttons?

a) To select multiple option

b) To select single option among available options

c) To select all options provided

d) All of the above


14. How do you connect Internet into your system?

a) My computer >> Dialup networking

b) Contrl Panel >> Modem

c) Network Neighborhood

d) None


15. What happen when selecting record presses delete key?

a) Row will be deleted

b) Content will be deleted

c) Row moves one step up

d) None of above


16. Which device cannot be shared in network?

a) Floppy

b) Keyword

c) Computer

d) Printer


17. What is the purpose of query?

a) Input data

b) Output data

c) Sort & filter

d) All of above


18. Which port doesn't exist in computer?

a) USB

b) Parallel

c) Com1 / Com2

d) None


19. Database utility exists in ….. menu

a) Format

b) Tools

c) File

d) Edit


20. Which command does not exist in DOS?

a) Sum

b) Cls

c) Cd

d) Dir


21. In which generation transistor was used?

a) First

b) Second

c) Third

d) Fourth


22. Number increment is done in Access by

a) Auto number

b) Auto increment

c) Auto cad

d) Auto increase


23. After copying how many times you can paste the content?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) Many


24. What is the function of workspace?

a) Contain multiple workbook

b) Contain multiple worksheet

c) Contain multiple cells

d) All


25. What is the name of excel files?

a) Workbook

b) Worksheet

c) Spreadsheet

d) Spread book


26. Which is the function of relationship?

a) Relate multiple tables

b) Relate multiple form

c) Relate table and form

d) Relate queries and forms


27. One nibble contain …. Bits

a) 8 bits

b) 3 bits

c) 1 byte

d) 4 bit


28. OLE means

a) Open linking and embedding

b) Object linking and embedding

c) Objective linking and embedding

d) Open link and end


29. In which object sql is used?

a) Query

b) Form

c) Report

d) Macro


30. Workgroup means

a) Computers in network

b) Individual user

c) Individual computer

d) All of the above


31. Outline view is used to

a) Show chapter wise heading

b) Show heading

c) Show content

d) All of the above


32. What happens when you cut in excel?

a) The content of cell will be removed after paste

b) The value of cell will be remained after paste

c) The content of cell will not be removed

d) None of the above


33. What should you use to create newspaper style column?

a) Columns from Format menu

b) Bullet & Numbering from Format menu

c) Tab from Format menu

d) None of above


34. Which data type doesn't exist in access?

a) Number

b) Picture

c) Memo

d) Text


35. Synonym can be reviewed with

a) Spelling and grammar

b) Thesaurus

c) Both

d) Synonym viewer


36. Which device will process data?

a) RAM

b) CPU

c) Hard disk

d) None


37. In which data will be erased as power supply is off?

a) RAM

b) ROM




38. Data can be stored in

a) Floppy

b) Hard disk

c) Tape

d) All


39. Which files is (are) most essential in every computer?

a) Io.sys

b) Msdos.sys


d) All


40. Paper orientation can be changed from

a) Page Setup >> Paper Size

b) Property

c) Print >> Layout

d) Print Preview


41. Category is written in ……

a) X-axis

b) Y-axis

c) Both

d) None


42. What is there in record?

a) Collection of fields

b) Collection of number

c) Collection of rows

d) All


43. Which command is used to create a directory?

a) Chdir

b) Makedir

c) Mkdir

d) All of above


44. What operation is not permitted by query?

a) Delete

b) Entry

c) Modify

d) Create table


45. Which is not related with database?

a) Table

b) Query

c) Form

d) Macro


46. What is the full form of ISP?

a) Intranet service provider

b) Internet service provider

c) Internal service provider

d) International service provider


47. Which is the web browser?

a) Netscape navigator

b) Windows explorer

c) Outlook express



48. Which of the following is a search engine?






49. What will do by filter?

a) Display the records that meet the criteria

b) Display only one record to delete

c) Modify all the records at once

d) All of above


50. Which command allows you to reduce fragments of file and optimize the performance of disk?

a) Scandisk

b) Diskcomp

c) Chkdsk

d) Defrag


The End

by Suresh Khanal

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