MS Word 2003

Practical Lab Sheet – MS Word Character Formatting WPS-01


MS Word Practical Sheet Sheet –1 Character Formatting Task 1: Create following document and format as shown below: (entering text 3 marks, formatting 10 marks) Task 3: Type and format the text as shown below: (for No. iii, apply shimmering text effect with 150% scaling and 2pt character spacing) [2+2+3=7 marks, time 5 minutes max] [...]

Save All And Close All – Little Known MS Word Feature

When you are working with multiple documents and now, its time to pack and go home, do you find it troublesome to save each of them one by one and exit MS Word? This article will talk about the little known feature of MS Word - the Save All and Close All commands! Though I'm [...]

Insert Column Numbers in MS Word

Column numbers of 4 pages displayed

Though Microsoft Word does not provide direct option to insert column numbers in your document, you can apply a small trick and make the work done. Why would anyone ever need column numbers? Well, sometimes it is easy to design multiple pages in one page of your document and columns are handy tool. When printed [...]

Columns in MS Word–Things to Remember

Columns Menu in MS Word

Vertical blocks of text in a document is known as Columns. They help to present the content in more readable and attractive layout. Columns are of two types: 1. Newspaper style columns 2. Parallel columns Newspaper style columns runs through a column till it finishes to go to the next column – that is how [...]