A lot of students, even talented ones find it extremely difficult to cope up with competitive exams and crack it through a list of questions in a certain time. Every students dream to make it through in their dream college or a great company to land a perfect job and secure their future. Competitive exams are the first stage to anything, whether be it getting into a great college, pursuing a career and most of all pave a good way to success.

Study Tips - Prepare Competitive Exam

Millions of students battle and toil for competitive exams in medicine, engineering, IT or highly influential GRE, SAT, CLAT or other exams. Who would forget late night studies, sleepless nights and an atmosphere so frenzy that is filled with anxiety and stress. Further, the dream or the thought of making through and cracking the oyster to a wonderful life is sure to boost the morals and provide the extra edge.

People even get confused about starting reading for competitive exams; a bulk of course ahead and a limited time. People even lost control and go wrong at different times that will ultimately lead to failure. So, here are the top 3 best tips every students or any person should apply while going through competitive exams so that it will surely mean to be a great effort to their studies.

Daily Practice and Focus

Yes, studying daily and going through the course is a most. Making a daily to-do routines, clearing doubts and practicing is the best way to excel any exams. Referring to past questions, different short methods and solutions that come from a reliable source will surely help out even in the short term. Focus is what any person should not lose during the preparations and there it comes the SWOT rule. Knowing one’s strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats is a very effective way of analyzing one’s talent. Get your strengths polished and cover up all of your weaknesses.

Never Miss the Fundamentals

What students mostly do is learn long sets of formulas, codes or even a long lesson. Brushing up fundamentals and knowing the first step will surely lead to the good concept. Perfecting the fundamentals is very imperative in today’s world. You might forget the mathematical signs or a lengthy code, but if you master your basics, no question will go wrong. It might take a little longer time to go through a problem just with the fundamentals, but it will surely be a great approach to success.

Time Management

It all comes down to time and your way of management in preparing for a competitive exam. Whether it be preparing for your exam or taking an exam, time will always remain precious. Indulging in useless things, thinking of newer ideas that are not even relevant to the topic will take a wrong turn for sure. Preparing a daily routine, managing time for food, sleep and rest is what it requires to get through competitive exams. Don’t forget that it is time that keeps you upbeat ahead of others.

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by Naman Nepal

Naman is a tech-enthusiast and an engineering student after getting through the competitive exams of IOE in Nepal. He writes contents on several interests of science, technology, history, travel and more at FACTOFUN.COM. Don't forget to check out Top 10 Best Countries to Study Abroad.

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  1. Xee Malik

    Yes right. competitive exams are full of tension for students specially when you are getting admission in new college. But student should not take stress about them and take them easy. I am a topper of competitive exams and i suggest that it is the best method to pass the exams that you should not take tension and stress and be calm and relax.

    1. Naman Nepal

      Good to know that you’re a topper in competitive exams. These exams are nothing but managing to know shortcuts, tricks and many more that we gained with our theortical knowledge.