How to Copy and Paste Formula in MS Word Table?

MS Word allows to use most of the formula like in MS Excel. Because Word do not offer column headings such as A, B, C, D… and row numbers 1, 2, 3,… students gets confused in composing formula. However, you can assume first column and column A, second as column B and so on. Similarly, the first row is numbered 1, second one the 2 and so on.

Therefore if you enter =C2 * D2 formula in E2 cell you’ll get the value as product of the cells in third column second row and fourth column second row.

Now, since we are well accustomed to drag down and fill the succeeding cells in Excel, many are disappointed to not find any way to copy the formula and paste it in other cell that require same calculation.

Because MS Word is focused on word processing and not calculating, it does not have similar and powerful convenience for applying formula. However, we have a workaround so that we can apply same formula to many cells in a Word table.

Lets take an example of a table in MS Word

table example

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