MS Word Questions #5 Masterdocument and subdocument

MS Word Master Document

Do you know what Masterdocument and Subdocuments are, and for what to use them? Facing difficulties to understand the concept and be able to use it for your efficiency? Today in this Microsoft Word Questions series, we are going to discuss about it. Also, don't forget to download the file. The link is given at [...]

Microsoft Word Questions #3 – why do you use header & footer?


This is another simple question which I saw many are confused! The text in header and footer are different than the regular text; or it may not have anything to do with the current story going in on that page. However headers and footers are considered useful as it offers you an opportunity to utilize [...]

Microsoft Word Questions #2 – best way to create headings

Headings in Books

We are presenting a series of Microsoft Word questions and their answers in this section of ICT Trends. Yesterday we solved the question "how to solve MS Word replaces the existing text while typing new one". Hope you find that useful. In today's post we'll be answering: "What is the best way to create a [...]

Microsoft Word Questions #1 – new text deletes existing text

Word Options dialog box to toggle MS Word between Insert or Typeover mode

Welcome to the Microsoft Word Questions and Answers section in ICT Trends. We will be picking up the frequently asked MS Word questions and attempt to answer them. You can send your question to if you want us to answer them. Today in this post, we'll be answering the question: "You place the insertion [...]

Why You Need the MBA Program at Laurier University

Navin Singh - the testimonial for Laurier University

The MBA is the most sought-after degree program in the world, bringing countless life and career benefits to those who obtain it. Taking an MBA is an unbeatable way either to re-energize your present career, or to help you strike out on an entirely new path. In Canada you have a choice of many world-class [...]

What is MS Word Bookmark? Explain in Simple Words

many bookmarks in a thick book

MS Word Bookmark: In MS Word bookmark is a feature that allows you to mark some text or location in document so that you can refer it in future. While you are creating document, you may encounter many situations where you'll need to remember a particular paragraph that requires editing after some time. Rather than [...]


Study Tips - Prepare Competitive Exam

A lot of students, even talented ones find it extremely difficult to cope up with competitive exams and crack it through a list of questions in a certain time. Every students dream to make it through in their dream college or a great company to land a perfect job and secure their future. Competitive exams [...]

What do you mean by normalization of database? Normalize any relational database using 3NF and write differences between BCNF and 3NF

Question Answer Yes No

Question No. 4 Question Paper: Subjective Exam (Paper II) Exam: Computer Officer Exam 2010 Conducted by:  Public Service Commission. Marks it carried: 10 marks. Normalization is the process of efficiently organizing data in a database. There are two goals of the normalization process: 1. Eliminating redundant data (for example, storing the same data in more [...]

Practical Lab Sheet – MS Word Character Formatting WPS-01


MS Word Practical Sheet Sheet –1 Character Formatting Task 1: Create following document and format as shown below: (entering text 3 marks, formatting 10 marks) Task 3: Type and format the text as shown below: (for No. iii, apply shimmering text effect with 150% scaling and 2pt character spacing) [2+2+3=7 marks, time 5 minutes max] [...]