Video Solution to Computer Operator Practical Examination Model Set 3 Question B

Some time back, I’d created Computer Operator Practical Model Question Papers to help candidates of Computer Operators of Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Ayog) so that they can realize what kind of question will be asked in their practical examination. You can download the PDF files of those 15 different model sets by clicking here:

Recently, there is 16th set available to download which is published separately. To download the sample sets in Docx or PDF version, visit this page:

Though it was not possible for me to create video demonstration of all those questions, I’d recorded some to offer an idea of how to solve the questions. You can find those videos by visiting at: [Continue reading]

Computer Operator Practical Question Paper Set 16

Format Cells Dialog Box

MS Word Create a new document as 'Aug14' and save it with following content:                                                Enter following text and number the lines starting from 10 and with difference 3. On the Insert tab, the … [Continue reading]

Excel Data Validation: How to accept exactly 4 characters (Not Numbers)

Excel Data Validation button menu

This post briefly explains how Excel Data Validation can be used to ensure correct data for worksheet and goes on to show how you can make required cells accept exactly 4 characters (not numbers). What is Data Validation Data validation is the … [Continue reading]

Access: Change Form Control Size, Name, Caption and Alignment

Sizing and Naming MS Access Form Controls

These are basic skills to design Access Forms. You should be able to size the form controls such as text boxes, combo boxes, labels and so on. It will give your form look attractive and professional. But, more importantly, if you know the sizing … [Continue reading]

Solution to Practical Question Paper for Computer Operator

Solved Practical Question Paper Computer Operator

Update: 26 July 2014 There are some PDF files of Mode Question Papers for Computer Operator Practical Examination to download. If you have not got them yet, please visit Find the … [Continue reading]