Interview Questions from Fundamentals of Computers

Interview session for Computer Operator is approaching very close and I’ve compiled around 200 questions to review and build up your confidence before you enter. Make sure you can tackle these questions comfortably. You are most welcome to if you want us to help you answer any of the questions you’re confused on.

Interview Questions from Fundamentals of Computers

  1. What is the full form of COMPUTER?
  2. GIGO is related to which characteristic of computer?
  3. Why computers are called automatic machines?
  4. What is the term for the property of being used for multiple purposes?
  5. What distinguishes a Computer from a Calculator and from a human being?
  6. How many kilobytes are there in 512 bytes?
  7. How many bits are required to represent a character in computer?
  8. 1000000th of a second is known as?
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Interview Questions from Computer Networking, Telecom Basics And Online Services for Computer Operators

Computer Networking eBook

I've compiled nearly hundred questions that can be asked during interview session. The questions are composed from Computer Networking, Telecom Basics and Online Services. Make sure you can answer these questions confidently. If you are confused … [Continue reading]

Solved Excel Practical Question from Set 8 Question 3 – Data Validation, Conditional Formatting & Nested IF

Solved Excel Practical Question Set 8 question 3 - Data Validation, Conditional Formatting, Nested IF

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Video Solution to Computer Operator Practical Examination Model Set 3 Question B

Solution to excel Practical Question Set 3B

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Computer Operator Practical Question Paper Set 16

Format Cells Dialog Box

MS Word Create a new document as 'Aug14' and save it with following content:                                                Enter following text and number the lines starting from 10 and with difference 3. On the Insert tab, the … [Continue reading]

Excel Data Validation: How to accept exactly 4 characters (Not Numbers)

Excel Data Validation button menu

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